Contact Us & Our Locations

Please get in contact with us to discuss any of your needs and prayers.

We can be called on TEL:1300 361 971 or emailed at hello@streams.org.au

Additionally we hold regular Friday Night Prayer meetings, Saturday 1 on !'s with Prophet Gerald Nyasulu PhD & our Sunday Services at one of the campuses below:

Sydney Campus & our HQ

  • Friday Night Prayer Service - from 7pm
  • Saturday 1 on 1 Service - from 2pm (most Saturdays, please check)
  • Sunday Service - From 10am to late

Location: 74 Lee Holm Road, ST MARYS, NSW 2760

Adelaide Campus

  • Sunday Service - From 9.30 am to late (Intercessory Prayer starts at 9.00am – all welcome)

Location: 32 Parker St, FERRYDEN PARK, SA 5010

Brisbane Campus

  • Sunday Service - From 10.00 am to late (Intercessory Prayer starts at 9.30am – all welcome)

Location: 10 Marie Street, MILTON, QLD 4064

Townsville Campus

  • Friday Night Prayer Service - from 7pm
  • Sunday Service - From 9.00 am to late

Location: 109 Ingham Road, WEST END, QLD 4810

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