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Our Objectives

Our Objectives


1 – To proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ by, but not limited to the agency of a local church.

2 – To instruct and disseminate the teachings of the Word of God and bring people to a place where they operate proficiently in the Biblical principles of love, faith, healing, prosperity, redemption and righteousness so they can share those principles with others.

3 – To worship and praise the Lord Jesus Christ in an expressive and biblical manner.

4 – To foster unity amongst the Body of Christ by linking and networking.

5 – To administer and perform marriage ceremonies, infant dedications, water baptisms and funeral services.

6 – To establish home fellowship/cell groups to cater for various needs, such as outreaching to the unchurched or ministering to those seeking to discover their place and purpose within the local church under certain terms and conditions as established in the by-laws.

7 – To train and disciple new Christians in the development of their spiritual understanding.